Underworld convention of Slavonic “thieves-in-law” disrupted in the Moscow region

Yesterday in the city of Electrougli of the Noginsk District personnel of the Criminal Investigation Department for the Moscow Region disrupted the underworld convention of Slavonic “criminal wing”. All in all, 34 active participants of the criminal world from the Moscow and Vladimir regions were detained, including two “thieves-in-law” and one claimant of this “thief title”.

During personal search over 11 g of cocaine was found and confiscated from 45-year old “thief-in-law” Alexey Zabavin, nicknamed Zabava. Currently the Noginsk city court is considering his arrest. According to Prime Crime News Agency, Alexey Zabavin with four previous sentences was “enthroned” by “thieves” Savoska, Shishkan and Slava Zeleniy in the city of Eletrougli in 1996 after serving yet another sentence. As “thief-in-law” Zabava was not yet sentenced to criminal punishment. Hiding away from the police the “thief-in-law” has long lived in the Vladimir Region where he supervised material supplies of prisoners serving sentences in correction institutions.

Another “thief-in-law” who attended the convention was Igor Glaznev nicknamed Vova Piterskiy who is detained by the Moscow region police for the second time within the last month. We will remind that on March 6 Glaznev was detained in the same Noginsk District in a company of another “thief-in-law” - Georgiy Sorokin nicknamed Zhora Tashkentskiy. In both cases Vova Piterskiy, unlike his companions turned out to be clean before the law.

Apart from two full fledged “thieves-in-law” the police attention was drawn to a 32-year Oleg Pirogov nicknamed Tsirkach who supervises the city of Electrostal and who is believed to be “enthoroned” soon. It is known that Pirogov is a close tie of Lyubertsy “thief-in-law” Oleg Mukhametshin who now serves a sentence and will be released in October of this year.

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