Meeting of Azerbaijan Mafia Bosses prevented in Moscow

Police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Central Federal Region managed to prevent mafia meeting in one of Moscow restaurants yesterday. The mafia bosses had to hold this meeting as on the agenda they had a question of redistribution of influence in Pokrovskaya Fruit-Vegetable Warehouse, as investigative data says.

Among the participants there were 4 “vor v zakone” including Yusif Aliev, known as Yusuf Bakinskiy, Alibala Gamidov, known as Gadzha Yasamalskiy, Mamed Guseynov, known as Mamed Massalinskiy, and Teymuraz Faroyan, known as Teko Tbilisskiy. The first three men are the leaders of Azerbaijan criminal groups involved in racketeering on Moscow businessmen as well as in kidnapping.

During document check by the policemen Yusif Aliev presented passport issued for another person but with his picture. Information stored in police database showed that the mafia boss has been set to international search being accused of racketeering, murder and robbery in the territory of Azerbaijan since 2004. Now police are preparing documents for deportation.

Yusif Shamkhorskiy was crowned as “vor v zakone” last year in November during criminal meeting in Moscow in presence of such “vor v zakone” as Ded Khasan and Yaponchik, as “Prime Crime” News Agency reported. Together with Yusif that status was granted to 10 more criminal leaders, among those are Dzhemal Mamoyan known as Dzheko Tbilisskiy, detained in February.

During personal search of Gadzha policemen found 3.5 g of hashish. Police opened a criminal case due to this fact in accordance with Clause 228 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (illegal drug storage). The legality of stay of the other two detained in the territory of the Russian Federation is now subject to check by Federal Migration Service.

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