Georgian Mafia Boss Got His Sentence in the Moscow region

Yesterday Mytischi City Court announced sentence to 51 year-old former “thief-in-law” Vladimir Kokhreidze, known as Butkhuz. He was accused of illegal drug keeping and false document usage. The prosecutor tried to get to the sentence of 1 year imprisonment for Kokhreidze meanwhile the defender insisted on his defendant being guiltless and demanded relief during the procedure. As a result, the judge agreed with the accusation and sentenced Kokhreidze to one-year imprisonment. Butkhuz is not going to appeal the case, as his relatives reported to the Prime Crime News Agency. Counting the period that Kokhreidze has already spent in prison during investigating and trial procedures, he has got a little more than 5 months left in prison.

Vladimir Kokhreidze was detained last year, on September 25, during joint operation of Intelligence Bureau of State Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federaion in Central Federal Region and State Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow region, as the Prime Crime News Agency reported earlier. During personal search of Kokhreidze, 0.81 g of heroin was found and confiscated as well as passport of the Russian Federation citizen issued in 2008 by the Staropromyslovskiy Department of Internal Affairs of Chechnya Republic. After the check by Federal Migration Service the mentioned passport was considered to be illegally issued and confiscated. Criminal case was initiated against Kokhreidze under two clauses of the Russian Federation Criminal Code.

Besides, it was stated that Vladimir Kokhreidze has been wanted by the Khashursky Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia since 2004 for illegal drug storage. As it may happen, after relief from prison Butkhuz will be deported to Georgia as he does not have any legal authority to stay in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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