Georgian "Thief-In-Law” Arrested Red-Handed For A Theft In A Supermarket

Yesterday in the South-West of Moscow, policemen of the Criminal Investigation Department of Moscow detained 48-year-old Georgian “thief-in-law” Teymuraz Jalagonia, more famous among criminals as Timur or Chinchkhlia. The ”thief-in-law” was arrested when he attempted to steal a bottle of elite wine in the “Perekrestok” supermarket in Golubinskaya street. A criminal proceeding was initiated in respect of Jalagonia in compliance with part 1 art. 158 of the RF Criminal Code.

As per the data of Prime Crime News Agency, Teymuraz Jalagonia, a repeated offender born in Batumi, is an active supporter of Tariel Oniani in his conflict with the crime clan of Lasha Shushanashvili. Timur has something to pay the Tbilisi “thieves-in-law” back. In 1990, upon arrival in one of the convict colony of Georgia, the “thief-in-law” criminal status of Jalagonia was not acknowledged by Paata Chlaidze, another “thief-in-law” who was there. Since that time, Timur has been pursued by the reputation related with his doubtful “thief-in-law” status.

Jalagonia is well-known to the police special agents of Moscow too. In September 1999, the agents of CRUBOP (Central Regional Department of Organized Crime Control) arrested him with a dose of heroin. Till last summer, Chinchkhlia was rather “quiet” before he appeared at the “thieves-in-law meeting” on the Klyazma River.

Among the participants of the “meeting” only Jalagonia attracted attention by his inadequate behavior. They say that before the assault of the vessel (where the “meeting” took place) Timur was under the influence of drugs and when he heard the signal of police siren he drank cognac to conceal his drug intoxication by the alcoholic one. When the Special Forces appeared, he could neither walk independently nor stand. Stripping in front of the camera to his underwear, he affirmed his status and demonstrated his “thief stars” on the shoulders and knees. That time he was chancy and his arrest did not cause him any unpleasant consequences.

In a month and a half, Chinchkhlia appeared again among the supporters of Tariel Oniani, but in a closer circle. In the bathhouse of the “Bacara” casino, he was arrested with Tariel himself and the thieves Tamaz and Chika. This time Jalagonia was sober and behaved with dignity and the degree of personal authority of his companions made the special agents look at him closer.

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