Armenian “thief-in-law” arrested by Czech police

Yesterday Department for combating organized crime (ÚOOZ) of the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on detention of four Armenian criminals including one “thief-in-law” in Prague. Four criminals were arrested on March 23 during "Volfram" police operation. The fifth criminal was caught in Slovenia. For investigation purposes, names of the detained criminals are kept secret.

The criminal group was involved mainly in leasing crimes in the territory of the Czech Republic and neighboring Austria as the police stated. Furthermore, its leading ‘thief-in-law’ is suspected to have participated in organization of murder of “Sazka” Company driver as well as in attempted murder of Armenian businessman in Prague in November 2007.

On November 13 on the Wenceslas Square the criminals shot with a knife and wounded the Armenian businessman and escaped from the crime scene, and on November 27 they by mistake shot the driver of Bentley who was driving the same automobile as the assumed victim. One of the murderers has not been detained until now, two others have been kept in prison since December 2007 and November 2008.

The detained “thief-in-law” is Andranik Sogoyan, 40, known in criminal world as Zap (this nickname was given to him for resemblance with one of the first models of soviet cars – Zaporozhets), as the Prime Crime News Agency reported. According to investigative information, Andranik Sogoyan, born in Leninakan, was crowned as “thief-in-law” in 1994 in Moscow upon recommendation of “thief-in-law” Nigal Barsegyan, known as Nikol.

In September 2006 Zap was detained in Sochi casino "Rio" together with “thief-in-law” Temuri Mirzoev. He was accused of illegal stay in the territory of the Russian Federation. In December 2006 upon resolution of the Khostinsky district Court of Sochi, Sogoyan was deregistered from place of registration and next year in April he was deported to Armenia with prohibition of entrance to Russia for five years. Sogoyan moved from Armenia to the Czech Republic. If the Court proves his guilt in preparation of murder, he can get up to 25 years of imprisonment.

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