The second “thief-in-law” during this month is deported from the Tula Region

During the prevention activities by the Police Criminal Investigation Department of the Tula Region jointly with their colleagues from the Russian Chief Police Department for the Central Federal District identified the location and detained a 47-year old Azerbaijani “thief-in-law” Arif Mekhtiev nicknamed in the criminal world as Arif Sumgaitskiy some days ago.

The investigation revealed that Mekhtiev illegally obtained Russian passport using faked documents. As the investigation identified from 1990 to 1998 Arif served a sentence in Azarbaijan and has the citizenship and passport of this republic.

The Shekinskiy city court decided to fine Mekhtiev for 3000 rubles and deport outside Russia for administrative law violation envisaged by part 1 of Article 18.8 of the RF Administrative Code (violation of registration rules). Illegally obtained Russian passport was withdrawn from the “thief-in-law”.

According to Prime Crime News Agency Arif Sumgaitskiy along with another “thief-in-law” Mamed, Gadja, Yusif and Dadash who were detained in late March in Moscow belongs to the top of Azerbaijani criminal world. At court Mekhtiev admitted his criminal activities: "I’m a pickpocket by profession, and as such I’m “thief-in-law”.

We’ remind that in early March another “thief-in-law”, a 36-year old Ramaz Tsikoridze was deported by decision of the Tula city court, because he also had no legal foundation to stay in Russia.

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