One More Georgian Mafia Boss Deported from Russia

Georgian “vor v zakone” Dzhondo Esebua, 34, known in criminal world as Dzhony Kutausskiy, was deported today from Russia by regular flight ”Moscow-Erevan” from “Vnukovo” Airport at 2 pm.

Esebua was detained on March 8 after he was released from Kirov Penal Colony where he had served four month sentence for drug storage. As to remind you, Dzhony was put into prison last year in July after police operation oriented on prevention of important criminal meeting which was lead by Tariel Oniani on Klyazminskoe lake. During Esebua detention, policemen found and confiscated about 1 g of heroin.

Esebua was set to international search by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia as a person considered to be “vor v zakone”, Informational Agency “Prime Crime” reported. It is mostly expected that in Armenia Dzhoni will be extradited to Georgia. Relative of Esebua – Teymuraz Churadze, known as Aleko, husband of Dzhoni’s cousin, is already serving his sentence in Investigatory Detention Centre № 7, in the city of Tbilisi, where all Georgian “vor v zakone” are kept.

Last year in February the same route was followed by another Georgian mafia boss Koba Akhvlediani who was detained after release from Chuvashiya Colony. Ten days later Koba was deported to Armenia and then extradited to Georgia. However, in Tbilisi Akhvlediani was released from any detention without accusation. Now Koba who is eagerly wanted in Moscow by his enemies from Ded Khasan’s Clan, is thought to be in Turkey.

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