Newly crowned “thief-in-law” released from Krasnoyarsk prison

One of the “thieves-in-law” will be released today from the Minusinsk prison of the Krasnoyarsk region. Condemned in 2001 in Moscow for illegal drugs storage, the native of Georgia, within 7 years has made a career from a regular prisoner up to the prison "Supervisor" thus reviving tradition (forgotten in the last ten years) of “thief-in-law coronation” in prisons.

Shota Raminashvili, or Lasha Tskhvediani, known in criminal world as Lasha Samtredskiy was transferred into the Minusinsk prison from the Vladimir central prison where on October 22, 2008 he had a “thief approach” from “thieves-in-law” who were imprisoned there - Avto Kopala, Vitalya Tbilisskiy and Merab Sukhumskiy. Prior to coronation Raminashvili was a “Supervisor” of the Vladimir prison and thus he knew how to communicate with prison management. Nevertheless, the new “thief-in-law”, appeared within the walls of the central prison strongly struck the prestige of its administration which should decrease number of “thieves-in-law” but not increase.

In the beginning of 2009 with the purpose of “correctional education” Lasha was conveyed to the Minusinsk prison which is famous for much more strict regulations of imprisonment as well as for accumulated experience of “thieves-in-law” decoronation. At the beginning there were rumors that Raminashvili had given a written waiver from thief traditions as a result of correctional education, as well as another “thief-in-law”, Zviad Dzhincharadze, known as Gorilla, however, according to the latest data, Lasha managed to preserve his mafia title in full.

At present moment, four “thieves-in-law” are kept in the Minusinsk prison as the Prime Crime News Agency reported. After Raminashvili is released from the prison, his holy place will not be empty for a long time as notorious mafia boss Merab Bakhia, known as Bakha-Bakha, prepares to join the rows of Krasnoyarsk "krytniks" (“imprisoned”), going to be transferred to the prison regime from the Republic of Udmurtia.

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