Passion for Gambling Deceives Armenian Mafia Boss

Armenian “vor v zakone” Arsen Mkrtchyan, 31 years old, known in criminal world as Arsen Erevanskiy, was not fortunate at all last Thursday as he tried to challenge fate searching for easy gravy. Bering in mind Mkrtchyan’s passion for gambling, criminal investigators of the Moscow Department of Internal Affairs laid wait for him in slot club “Vulkan” in Mytischi, Moscow region. During personal search of the mafia boss, it was found and confiscated more than 10 g of heroin. Court of Mytischi has issued an arrest warrant for Mkrtchyan today. In case of proven guilt, Mkrtchyan will be put into prison for 5-10 years.

Arsen Mkrtchyan left prison only three months ago, as the “Prime Crime” News Agency informed earlier. Mafia boss’s case was under investigation during one year as he was accused of robbery with violence, illegal gun and drug storage and kidnapping as well. When Mkrtchyan’s case was preceded to the Court of Mytischi, unexpectedly Mkrtchyan received three and a half year suspended jail sentence and he was released during trial.

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