Local ‘Thief-in-Law” Detained in Kazakhstan

On April 4 Policemen of Southern Directorate for Combating Organized Crime of the Almata region managed to detain 44-year-old Kazakhstan “thief-in-law” Serik Dzhamanaev, known in criminal world as “Golova” (Russian for “Head”) during operational search actions. The criminal “authority” was detained when he was hunting badgers, 15 km away from his native village Fabrichniy. Serik and his bodyguard tried to fight back to the officers of special “Arlan” group but as a result failed.

During personal search the officers found and confiscated 1.75 g of heroin. By the way Serik’s fellow countrymen strongly refused to help the policemen and participate as attesting witnesses. As a result the mafia boss was finally sent to the temporary detention facility, the police initiated criminal procedure.

Serik Dzhamanaev is suspected to be a participant in kidnapping of Oralgaysha Omarshanova, journalist of “Zakon and Pravosudie” newspaper (in Russian means “Law and Justice”), who was an authorized agent of Golova, as the Chairman of Criminal Police Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan says. That was right after the kidnap in 2007 when Dzhamanaev disappeared from police’s field of vision.

Serik Dzhamanaev, after already several times in prison, was crowned as “thief-in-law” on May 26, 1996 in the city of Sochi as the Prime Crime News Agency reports. At the mafia bosses’ meeting the prospect boss was represented by notorious criminal authority Alexander Klauzer, known as Nemets (that means “German” in Russian). As it is said, later in July the Caucasian bosses did not accept crowning of Golova as if it had been performed with breaching of mafia traditions.

Notwithstanding this fact in police archives Golova is known not only as a crowned “thief-in-law” but also as the leader of criminal group “Bashka” (Russian colloquial word for “Head”) which was mostly involved in racketeering. In his native region Serik Dzhamanaev is considered to be one of the most influential criminal authorities with broad criminal connections in Kazakhstan as well as abroad.

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