In Moscow Thief-In-Law Commited Theft In The Presence Of Policemen

On April 15 during the operation of Moscow investigation department, a 46-year old ”thief-in-law” Igor Glaznev was arrested. He is more famous among criminals as Vova Piterskiy. "Thief-in-law" committed a crime in the presence of policemen who had been following him secretly all day long. Having bought goods in the "Sedmoy continent" supermarket at the corner of Arbat and Smolenskaya square, Vova Piterskiy passed by the cashdesk and did not pay for the products in the amount of 15 000 rubles. We remind that on April 9 Georgian ”thief-in-law” Teymuraz Jalagonia was arrested in the “Perekryostok” supermarket under the same circumstances.

According to Prime Crime News Agency, the criminal career of Igor Glaznev, that led him to the “thief crown”, began in 1982 with the sentence of the military court of Alma-Ata Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic – the future ”thief-in-law” was sentenced to 4 years of prison for malignant hooliganism. In 1991, in Kaliningrad Glaznev was charged of 5 articles of the criminal code: theft, robbery, robbery with extreme violence and swindle and sentenced to 10 years of a strict control penal colony in the Arkhangelsk region. On March 6, 1994, Glaznev got a short vacation from which he did not return. In the course of 1.5 years he was searched by police but it did not prevent him from active criminal activity. Glaznev was arrested in Moscow in August 1995 with the passport of Vladimir Razumovskiy, born in Leningrad (that is why he got this nickname) for taking a hostage and demanding money for his liberation.

On January 17, 1998, during the morning check in the Trial center No. 1 of Moscow Prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”, in one of the cells the body of the Kurganskaya group leader Oleg Nelubin was found who died of several brain injuries. The special group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs came to the conclusion that Igor Glaznev who was at the same trial center, could take part in the murder organization. Despite this fact, the blame of Glaznev was not proved because one of the prisoners accused of several murders took the blame.

After the murder of Nelubin who had been sentenced by the criminal world for the deaths of several ‘thieves-in-law’, career of Vova Piterskiy began to develop successfully. In April, Glaznev was sentenced to 9.5 years of a strict control convict colony and transported to the Republic of Komi where he was supported by local ”thief-in-law” Pichuga. In January 1999, two persons from Moscow, who brought a letter about the positive decision of his question, were arrested. One year after the murder of Oleg Nelubin, Igor Glaziev declared himself ”thief-in-law” with the nickname Vova Piterskiy.

On getting the “title”, Glaznev who caused many problems for the authorities of the colony became unmanageable. In October 1999, Vova Piterskiy was sent to the prison of Dimitrovgrad for 3 years. In the new place, Glaznev not only refused to change his behavior but began to provoke riots among other prisoners. Being a prominent leader of the group of prisoners with negative behavior, Vova Piterskiy promulgated “thief traditions” and treated in a hostile way the administration of the prison who could nether reform him nor undermine his authority. After the end of his prison term, he was sent to Komi. In June 2004, Vova Piterskiy was released 8 months before the expiration of his term because of the criminal legislation change.

Only during the last month, Igor Glaznev who was always very careful, was mentioned in the police reports 3 times. On March 6, he was arrested in the Noginskiy district with Georgiy Sorokin, ”thief-in-law” nicknamed “Zhora Tashkentskiy”, on April 2 – with another “colleague” – Alexey Zabavin nicknamed “Zabava”. In the both cases he was released because policemen were rather interested in his comrades, but last Wednesday the succession of his “casual” arrests stopped.

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