Georgian “thief-in-law” detained in one of Russia ancient cities

On the night from 3 to 4 April in the city of Uglich of the Yaroslavl Region the Operational Investigation Department of the Russian Chief Police Department for the Central Federal District detained a 44-year old Georgian “thief-in-law” Tengiz Luarsabishvili known in the criminal world as Tengo Rustavskiy. The criminal general was arrested in “Stary Gorod” restaurant at Yarosvskaya street. 8 polyethylene bags with heroin exceeding 25 g was found during personal search. A criminal case was started under the fact of drug finding against Luarsabishvili under part 2 of Article 228 of the RF Criminal Code. Measure of restraint is being decided now.

According to Prime Crime News Agency Tengiz Luarsabishvili born in Georgian city Rustavi was “enthroned” in Tbilisi in 1986. In Moscow Tengo was twice brought to trial for illegal drug storage both due to the efforts of the Operational Investigation Department of the Russian Chief Police Department for the Central Federal District. The first time he was detained in Arbat in August 2000 along with another “thief-in-law” Elgudzha Kavelashvili. 3 g of heroin was found with both “thieves-in-law”. The court decided to sentence Tengo to 6 months of prison. The next meeting of the “shabolovskiy” with Luarsabishvili was in October 2003 when 1.8 g of hashish was found with him.

Half a year before that arrest Tengo came to Georgia to the burial of his “thief-in-law” friend Georgiy Dzhanezashvili nicknamed Amberkich who was shot dead in St. Petersburg. Luarsabishvili was accompanied by little known claimant to “thief-in-law title” Vasiliy Stanchu. In Tbilisi Vasia Moldovan was introduced for the first time to Lasha Shushanashvili however, he did not approve the claimant which somewhat hurt the pride of Luarsabishvili. Only in November last year Stanchu became “thief-in-law” with the help of Lasha along with ten other most loyal thieves.

Since then Tengo avoided the crime register. The last time Luarsabishvili was seen in January this year when Tengo was the chief administrator at the burial of another Rustavi “thief-in-law” Rauli Kiria who died of hepatic cirrhosis in pre-trial detention center in the city of Voronezh.

Tengiz Luarsabishvili spent only a few months in prison for over 20 years of “thief” career. He never before faced a more severe punishment than now. If Tengo is found guilty he may serve from 3 to 7 years in prison.

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