Former Criminal Watcher of the Stavropolspkiy Kray Detained in Moscow

Moscow, Sunday: 45 year-old “thief-in-law” Vladimir Zhurakovskiy, more known as Vova Pukhliy (“Vova Plumpy”) was detained duing joint operation of Moscow Criminal Search Department and Department of Criminal Search of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The criminal general was caught not far from the “Dolls” night club in Krasnaya Presnya. During personal search of Zhurakovskiy 5.5 g of heroin was found.

Having been several times in prison, Zhurakovskiy previously held position of criminal watcher in the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters, as the Prime Crime News Agency reports. Right after conditional early relief in 2000 Pukhliy got a position of watcher in the city of Pyatigorsk, and next year in June he was crowned as “thief-in-law” upon recommendation of Ded Khasan. As they say, organizing of murder of one of Usoyan’s criminal enemies appeared to be a “pass” toward the criminal circle for Pukhliy.

In his patrimonial region Zhurakovskiy kept under control drug business, alcohol traffic from neighboring Northern-Caucasian republics and cargo transit in the territory of the Stavropolskiy Kray. In 2005 Pukhliy’s intensive activity was not to liking of influential mafia bosses. Zhurakovskiy did not show up at the criminal meeting which was called by Shakro Molodoy (Shakro the “Young”). As a result Zhurakovskiy was deprived of his status in his absence. Several months later Pukhliy moved to Moscow for permanent residence and, as they say, he settled down this matter and managed to get back his title.

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