"Crowned" Prisoner Of Madrid Prison Is On Hunger Strike

Recently Vitaliy Izgilov being under examination has been sent from the prison of Saragosa, famous for its relatively mild control to the prison of Madrid famous for its strict order. To show his protest, he began a hunger-strike and he had been starving for two weeks. He lost 7 kilos and he is under the care of doctors, "Rosbalt" reported.

As Prime Crime News Agency informed before, Vitaliy Izgilov, more famous among criminals as Zver (Russian for the Beast) or Vitalik Makhachkalinskiy was arrested on June 13, 2008 in a resort place Alikante during the police operation "Troyka". The “thief-in-law” was accused of money-laundering.

The former leader of the Vidnovskaya criminal group Vitaliy Izgilov is one of the nearest supporters of Zakhar Kalashov, a ”thief-in-law” having nickname “Shakro the Young” who is under examination for more than two years in one of the prisons of Spain.

In September 2005, Izgilov was arrested by the gendarmerie in the airport of Barselona on a charge of money laundering, but he was let out on a big money bail.

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