One of the local “thieves-in-law” detained in Stavropol

As it became known to the Prime Crime News Agency, on May 16 officers of the Criminal Search Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Stavropol region managed to detain “thief-in-law” Nikolay Gagnidze or Gocha Maysuradze, more known in the criminal world as Gogita. During his personal search more than 2 g of heroin were found and confiscated.

Before moving to Stavropol, Maysuradze dwelled in Moscow. In March 1998 he was detained in the capital under suspicion of robbery. Four months later Maysuradze was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment by the Koptevskiy district court; however, subsequently the first sentence of the court was abolished by the decision of Moscow city court, and his case was sent for further investigation. In January 1999 Gogita was released as the period of imprisonment was over.

Experienced officers indicate that Gocha Maysuradze appears to be a mafia boss of medium importance and thus he is not of any special interest for the Police and does not influence major processes within criminal world due to his long-standing narcotic dependence. For the same reason Gogita executes much less authority than such mafia bosses as Gadzha and Leva.

Since the beginning of the year Gocha Maysuradze became the second important person in mafia world after Armen Kanevskoy as the latter was imprisoned and sentenced in the South Federal Region.

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