Georgian mafia boss passed away in the Kopeysk penal colony

As it became known to the Prime Crime News Agency, on May 4, Rezo Malania, 38, Georgian “thief-in-law”, known as Gaga, passed away in penal colony No.6 in the city of Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk region. According to the preliminary data death of the criminal authority was caused by hepatitis virus.

The native of the village Achigvara, Galskiy district, Abkhaziya, was crowned by Georgian mafia bosses in 1996 at the criminal meeting in Moscow. In 1999 Gaga received permanent registration in the Stavropol region where at first he tried to cover his criminal activity by legal business connected with procurement and processing of agricultural production. Possessing “mafia title” Malania supervised pick-up-robbers and also groups involved in qualified blackmailing. And as long as his authority grew, his activity placed a noticeable effect on the criminal situation in the Stavropol region. In the course of time Malania took supervising control over penal establishments, in particular Malania started to appoint colonies “Supervisors” as well as distribute finance flows and provide help to prisoners.

In August 2005 Rezo Malania was arrested and accused of armed robberies in which he participated. Currency exchangers at Moscow exchange points appeared to be the victims of this group. In April 2007 Moscow city court on the basis of accusatory verdict of the jury sentenced Malania to 18 years of imprisonment in the colony of strict regime.

In November 2007 Gaga was conveyed to the Chelyabinsk region. In a month as a result of correctional education Malania wrote a waiver from thief traditions addressing the waive to the Head of penal colony No.6 of city of Kopeysk and to the Head Office of Federal Service on Punishment Fulfillment in the Chelyabinsk region as well as he wrote a plea on accepting to colony division of discipline and order. He called his coronation as a “daredevil act”.

In spite of this, Rezo Malania regularly escaped from fulfilling requirements of colony administration and systematically disrupted the established regime. Most part of his punishment period up to the last day Gaga was contained in the penal insulator.

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