Georgian “thief-in-law” deported from Russia detained in Kiev

May 15, Russia: Georgian mafia boss Roin Uglava, 45 years old, known as Matevich, was deported from Russia by regular flight “Moscow-Kiev”.

Starting from January 2009, the criminal authority, who was detained by the Head Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Central Federal Region and State Department of Internal Affairs for illegal stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, was kept in prison waiting for his deportation from the RF territory.

As the Prime Crime News Agency previously reported, in February 2007 Uglava was already detained by officers of the same department. Then the question about his deportation to Georgia was not regulated between the diplomatic departments of the two countries. Thus having spent more than a year under arrest Uglava was released. On July 7, 2008 he was detained during police operation on prevention of mafia meeting in Klyazma impoundment but he was released after disciplinary interview.

On January 15, 2009 Matevich was detained again. This time policemen decided to follow the way of the least resistance and to deport Uglava to Ukraine as he was registered in the Donetsk region there.

As officers of State Department of the Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs were informed about arrival, they detained Matevich in the Kiev airport. During his personal search drugs were found and confiscated. The detained mafia boss was brought to Regional Department of Internal Affairs of the Shevchenko district of Kiev where official accusation was announced for him.

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