Well-known Georgian “thief-in-law” will spent 2 years in prison

Moscow City Court left unchanged the sentence by Meshchanskiy District Court to renowned Georgian “vor v zakone” Ramaz Dzneladze. According to Moscow City Court press-service, on February 2 Dzneladze was found guilty in illegal drug possessing and sentenced to 2-year imprisonment in general regime penitentiary. The criminal boss’s barrister tried to appeal in Higher Judicial authorities against the judgment of the District Court but Moscow City Court penal having considered the appeal found no reasons for cancellation of the sentence.

As per the earlier reports, Ramaz Dzneladze was detained by Criminal Investigation Department on July, 24 last year in Moscow Kazanskiy railway station with the dose of cocaine and heroine in syringe. To weeks prior to his detention Ramaz Dzneladze took part in underworld meeting of Tariel Oniani’s supporters. All participants of the meeting were detained by policemen but the most of them including Ramaz were released next day without raising the charges.

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